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NL15 · Nylon IWB & OWB Combo Holster · For most 2" 5-shot small frame revolvers

$ 12.99

$ 12.99


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This holster is made for small frame & 5 shot revolvers with a 2-inch barrel. Our 5 shot revolver holsters are made of nylon and neoprene to ensure a durable, quality holster that you can get at an affordable price. Designed to provide a semi-custom fit, you can utilize this holster with a number of guns that are similar in size and shape. Best if used with 2” 5 shot revolvers, you can expect this holster to provide comfortable all-day carry.


If you’re looking for a nylon holster for small frame revolvers that can be worn in the IWB or OWB carry positions, this is the product for you! While it’s initially assembled in the IWB carry position, we provide you with all the parts, tools, and instructions to reassemble it in the OWB carry position. You can also choose left or right handing before you add this product to your cart.


Beyond our quality materials and low prices, OUTBAGS USA designs holsters with your convenience in mind. With this snubnose 5 shot revolver holster, you can enjoy a number of benefits including:

  • Inner lining to minimize wear and tear on your gun’s finish
  • Removable belt clip that fits 2” belts
  • Belt loops on both sides for 2” belts
  • Adjustable thumb break snaps (not recommended for hammerless revolvers)
  • OWB or IWB assembly


 A: 5.5 inches B: 4.0 inches C: 4.0 inches* D: 3.5 inches*

 *Measurements off by 1/4" should not be an issueCOMPARE HHOLSTER MEASUREMENTS

OUTBAGS USA wants to ensure that every aspect of your carry experience is comfortable and convenient. Choose our 5 shot revolver holster for American made products from a family-owned business.

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