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Calamity PR1 · Kydex-Neoprene-Leather Hybrid IWB Holster with ULTICLIP™

$ 34.99 $ 29.99

Calamity PR1 · Kydex-Neoprene-Leather Hybrid IWB Holster with ULTICLIP™

$ 29.99

$ 29.99


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Calamity Series | Kydex-Leather Hybrid

Looking for a quality, affordable Kydex/leather hybrid holster? OUTBAGS USA has what you need. Our team prides itself on delivering innovative, cost-effective products — with no added frills — that help you get the job done. Explore our variety of hybrid options to discover the one that works best for you.


Our Calamity Series holsters are handcrafted in California from premium Kydex with a unique full-grain single leather backing. The hybrid nature of the holsters provides the benefits of sturdy Kydex with the comfort, durability, and warmth of leather. Each holster comes with custom molding for your specific model, and it will never crush under pressure or collapse when you draw.


OUTBAGS USA’s Calamity Series is designed for concealed IWB carry. We recommend the appendix carry, or the 4-5 o'clock position for righties and 7-8 o'clock position for lefties. With this IWB Kydex/leather hybrid holster you can also do small-of-back carry comfortably — just be sure to order the opposite handing!


Some of our IWB Kydex/leather hybrid holsters, like the PR1n, provide a streamlined design that allows for discreet wear and maximum comfort with no exposed screws on the back side of the neoprene. With adjustable retention, you never have to worry about your holster becoming loose. Each holster also has a sight channel to provide a tunnel that prevents the front site from coming into contact with the Kydex, thus minimizing wear and tear of the site.

Check out our Calamity Series holsters today for the ideal blend of leather and Kydex.

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