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LP2 OWB Leather Pancake Holster for S&W Equalizer

$ 27.99

$ 27.99


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For a supremely durable holster, the LP2 is a great option. Made in America using full grain leather, this holster is an ideal solution for conceal carry for S&W Equalizer. It is a no-frills holster made with natural materials and carefully dyed for a traditional look that looks great on any belt. WARNING: Non-black polymer may get stained by the leather dye.


You’ll get substantial protection for pistols including Sigs, Glocks, & Taurus with our leather holster. Each holster has been cured and hardened in a semi-custom mold to cradle your weapon. The holsters from OUTBAGS USA are also designed to be incredibly soft on the inside, minimizing the risk of scratching your gun’s finish. Reach out to us to learn about our special offers and place your order today.