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Calamity FF6 · All Kydex IWB Holster with Sweat Guard for SIG P365 XMACRO

$ 17.99

$ 17.99


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If you are looking for a superb, economical inside-the-waistband leather/Kydex holster, OUTBAGS USA has what you need. The Calamity FF2 IWB Kydex holster is designed and handmade in the USA. We are proud to offer you this unique, no-frills ultra concealable holster that gets the job done.


The Calamity FF2 IWB Kydex holster is made from supremely durable, custom molded Kydex with unique mounting options and a convenient sweat guard. This inside-the-waistband holster is a great option for those looking for a simple, functional holster that is also exceptionally comfortable to carry.


We recommend you carry OUTBAGS USA’s Calamity FF2 on the appendix or in the 4-5 o’clock position (7-8 o’clock if drawing with the left hand). For small-of-back carry, remember to purchase the opposite handing.

This specific FF2 model is molded to fit like a glove. Only purchase this holster if you have the gun mentioned in the title of this page! Our mold will not fit the titled gun with laser, optic, or aftermarket front sights.

    • An adjustable single retention screw will always perfectly grip your firearm.
    • A built-in channel provides a protective tunnel to ensure the front sight never comes in contact with the Kydex (must use with factory front sights)
    • ULTICLIP mounts to your waistband, behind the belt. This means you are not limited to the type of belt you want to wear since the ULTICLIP is not mounted to it.
    • The standard nylon belt clip can fit up to 1.5" belts and features an adjustable height and cant.

    For the perfect blend of leather and Kydex, the ultra-affordable Calamity FF2 can’t be beat. Check it out today, and don’t forget to inquire about our military discount and special offers.