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NANK22 · Nylon Ankle Holster

$ 15.99

$ 15.99


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You’ll find the best selection of quality calf holsters when you shop at OUTBAGS USA. Our NANK22 is a quality choice that is made from tough nylon and features adjustable straps for a secure fit. If you want a no-frills holster you can be confident in, this option is the perfect choice.


Every holster we make is crafted using durable materials, so your holster will last for years to come. The nylon choices we offer come with quality neoprene ankle straps that won’t stretch out like elastic straps. You can wear the holster as often as you want for long term, all day comfort. Discover the handcrafted precision we put into each holster for yourself today.


What makes the NANK22 calf holsters popular is their versatility. They are designed to be mounted on whichever leg you prefer (positioned towards the draw hand), giving you the ultimate flexibility when it comes to drawing your weapon. No matter which hand you favor, this holster will give you the best position to hold your weapon.


For an affordable holster that provides a secure grip on your pistol, the NANK22 from OUTBAGS USA is a great choice.

  • Can be mounted on either leg
  • Adjustable 4" velcro neoprene ankle strap for 10-13" circumference ankles and calves
  • Adjustable 1" velcro pistol strap that wraps around backstrap
  • 10-15 degree cant
  • Inner lining - Minimizes wear on gun's finish


A: 6.75 inches B: 3.5 inches C: 5.25 inches* D: 2.25 inches*

*Measurements off by 1/4" should not be an issueCOMPARE HHOLSTER MEASUREMENTS

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