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NANK22 · Nylon Ankle Holster

$ 21.99 from $ 15.99

NANK22 · Nylon Ankle Holster

$ 15.99

$ 15.99


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 OUTBAGS USA's nylon holsters, made of lightweight, top-grade nylon, offers the most versatility and flexibility of all our collections. With nine varieties to choose from, you can be sure your pistol will get a semi-custom fit with our nylon ankle holster.


Our ankle holsters have strong Velcro-neoprene adjustable ankle straps that won’t stretch over time like cheaper elastic straps. They're made to fit most calf and ankle sizes including 10-14” circumference lower legs. Our universal ankle holster also has an adjustable pistol strap to reduce slippage, and an inner lining to minimize wear on your gun’s finish to ensure your gun is protected.


Our universal ankle holster is mountable on either leg and positioned towards the draw hand — inside the left ankle for right-handed draw and inside the right ankle for left-handed draw. It also has a 10-15 degree cant for easier draw, as drawing from an ankle holster is by nature slower than waistband draw.


Nylon is a great choice for an ankle holster, as it is affordable, weather-resistant, fast-drying, and easy to clean. Most people buy an ankle holster for use with a secondary weapon, but a universal ankle holster is also great for when you are wearing clothing that makes it impossible to carry anywhere else.

Check out our ankle holsters today and contact us for more information on military discounts and other special pricing options. If you have any questions, we are here to offer the advice or support you need. Shop with OUTBAGS USA today.