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Welcome to our first blog series: Making It Work

Ah yes. The mystical search for the "perfect" holster. Many have attempted it, many are still looking. Let me pump the brakes early: we don't think the perfect holster exists. Nothing beats the reward of taking what is given and making it work as the best gun holster for you.

However, this does not mean that manufacturers are freed from the responsibility of providing quality, reliable, and comfortable holsters. The truth is the exact opposite! Our family at OUTBAGS USA works hard to make sure holsters are designed and handcrafted to fit the needs of most of our users. The key word there is most. We aren't afraid to be honest on this front, and if you've read up about us, you and I are already on the same page.

The best handgun holster is typically a matter of opinion. Most of the time, when a holster is created to solve a specific issue, it has to sacrifice other features or elements to achieve it. Kydex holsters provide a good example of this.

Leather Kydex Holsters

Benefits and Drawbacks of Kydex Holsters

Kydex holsters solve the following problems:

  1. Holster does not need any breaking in.
  2. Many have adjustable retention.
  3. Sweat-proof and keeps moisture away from the pistol.
  4. Maximum concealment.

As a result, Kydex holsters create the following problems:

  1. Will wear pistol's finish much faster than nylon or leather holsters.
  2. Audible sounds are produced when drawing the pistol - not ideal when it’s necessary to be discreet and avoid directing the threat's attention to yourself.
  3. Not very comfortable for certain body types.
  4. Extreme rigidity restricts movement in certain carry positions.

Let's now imagine two groups of folks searching for their "perfect" Kydex holster. Group A could consider the pros to outweigh the cons and jump on board. On the other end, Group B finds the cons to be deal breakers and looks elsewhere. Going deeper: the honest folks of Group A aren't in denial of the drawbacks of Kydex holsters, but made sure to adapt so it works well for them. This is what makes effective carrying so rewarding - taking the best gun holster you can find, then making it work for you and becoming proficient with it.

Catering to Different Tastes in Holsters

Our family is on a mission to offer many more styles of holsters to provide a variety of carry flavors (sounds delicious) to our customers. We don't expect everyone to have the same taste, nor would we ever force it! Search for your gun's make and model to see what OUTBAGS USA currently offers for it.

Your turn: which type of holster works best for you? What is the best handgun holster you’ve found? Our family would love to hear about your experience!

November 10, 2016 by OUTBAGS USA
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