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NCT08 · Nylon IWB Holster with Comfort Tab

$ 15.99

$ 15.99


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If you need a high-quality inside-the-waistband holster, OUTBAGS USA has the answer. Our NCT08 is just one example of the great no-frills options we offer, specialized as a 2.5-3" barrel revolver holster. Crafted with a shirt-tuckable design, it is the ultimate solution for weapon owners who need a comfortable way to conceal carry handguns.


Each of our holsters is proudly made in the USA from premium nylon that securely cradles your weapon. Our inventory has plenty of choices to give your specific handgun a snug fit. The reason our holsters stand out is the softer inner-lining they feature. So no matter what kind of holster you get, you won’t have to worry about your weapon’s finish being scratched!


Offering the most comfortable holsters in the market is a priority at OUTBAGS USA. The NCT08 2.5-3" barrel revolver holster is just one versatile option that is suited for handgun owners regardless of draw hand preference. Featuring the innovative ULTICLIP system, the holster comfortably mounts to the waistband behind the belt for added ease of use.


See for yourself how the NCT08 is the perfect solution for your behind the belt nylon holster needs. It provides a firm grip on your weapon, so you’ll be able to carry with confidence in any situation. And since it is made from durable materials, you know it will continue to deliver that same grip wear after wear.

Confirmed to fit the following handguns:




2.5-3" Barrel 6-Shot Revolvers


 A: 7.75 inches B: 4.5 inches C: 5.0 inches* D: 4.0 inches*

 *Measurements off by 1/4" should not be an issueHolster Measurement

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