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NCT01 · Nylon IWB Holster with Comfort Tab

$ 15.99

$ 15.99


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OUTBAGS USA can cover all of your conceal carry needs with our selection of comfortable nylon holsters. Each holster is designed to give your handgun a secure fit, while also being comfortable to wear with a variety of clothing. One great example is the NCT01, which can serve as a Beretta 950 holster, or for similar sized guns. With its compact design, this holster feels great and gives your weapon a reliable hold.


Using premium nylon, the NCT01 is a handcrafted holster built for durability and comfort. It features a comfort tab and adjustable, innovative ULTICLIP™ system to firmly hold your pistol behind the belt. Thanks to a soft inner lining, your gun’s finish will be protected. You won’t have to worry about scratches no matter how often you wear it.


The NCT01 can be positioned for the best hand draw, regardless if you prefer the right or left hand. This holster also has a shirt tuckable design, so it is easy to use as a conceal carry holster no matter which pistol you own.

The NCT01 makes a perfect Beretta 950 holster, or for handguns from the following manufacturers:

  • Beretta
  • Davis
  • Jimenez Arms
  • Kel-Tec
  • Phoenix Arms
  • Raven Arms
  • Ruger


With an NCT01 from OUTBAGS USA, you aren’t just getting a comfortable nylon holster. You are getting a high-quality piece that will cradle your weapon. It offers a semi-custom fit that will firmly keep your gun in place for a reliable hold.


 A: 4.5 inches B: 2.75 inches C: 4.25 inches* D: 2.25 inches*

 *Measurements off by 1/4" should not be an issueHolster Measurement

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