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NANK32 · Nylon Ankle Holster

$ 21.99

$ 21.99


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If you’re looking for American-made holsters that provide a durable, comfortable solution for everyday wear, browse the inventory at OUTBAGS USA to find what you need. With strong materials and the passion of our family business, you can enjoy quality holsters that can be worn all day, every day.


Made with nylon and neoprene, our quality ankle holsters are made for long-term wear. Their flexibility allows you to find an adjustable fit for your ankle and your handgun. With a semi custom fit for guns of similar shapes and sizes, you can use this holster interchangeably, depending on which models you have. In addition to the adjustability, you can also enjoy neoprene straps that won’t loosen up or stretch out of shape over time.


We try and make our holsters as easy to wear and use as possible, so you can wear this holster on your left or right ankle — no matter your draw hand. For right handed users, you can wear the ankle holster on the inside of your left leg or the outside of your right. Left handed users can wear it reversed — outside the left or inside the right.


Our quality holsters have a number of benefits including:

  • Mount on either leg and position towards your draw hand
  • Adjust the 4" velcro neoprene ankle strap
  • Made for 10-13" circumference ankles and calves
  • Adjust the 1” velcro pistol strap
  • 10-15 degree cant
  • Has inner lining that reduces wear on your gun's finish


 A: 5.0 inches B: 3.25 inches C: 4.75 inches* D: 2.5 inches*

 *Measurements off by 1/4" should not be an issueCOMPARE HHOLSTER MEASUREMENTS

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