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Calamity PR1 · Kydex-Neoprene-Leather Hybrid IWB Holster with ULTICLIP™

$ 34.99 $ 29.99

Calamity PR1 · Kydex-Neoprene-Leather Hybrid IWB Holster with ULTICLIP™

$ 29.99

$ 29.99


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Superior Quality Holsters

For a no-frills way to carry your Taurus pistol, rely on OUTBAGS USA. High-quality craftsmanship is one of the reasons why handguns from Taurus are popular. When you shop with us, you’ll find great holster solutions to match the quality of your go-to weapon. All of our holsters for Taurus PT111 and other models are durable pieces that offer excellent reliability at a fair price.

Make sure to get the right fit! See our other page of holsters for G2 PT111 and PT140 G2. G2 refers to the second generation of these handguns.



Pieces Suited for a Variety of Situations

OUTBAGS USA has you covered regardless if you need a holster for concealed or open carrying. In our selection of Taurus holsters you’ll find everything from inside-the-waistband and ankle styles for personal use to shoulder and thigh holsters that are well suited for law enforcement and tactical situations. For a Taurus PT111 holster that reliably performs when you need it to, we’ve got you covered.

Slim holsters in our inventory provide a semi-custom grip for a reliable hold on your Taurus pistol. Browse our selection to find the right fitting holster for your Taurus PT140, PT111, and other handguns.

Handcrafted With the Best Materials

All of the materials we utilize in the construction our holsters are of exceptional quality. Whether you want a classic leather PT145 holster or a sleek, modern kydex option you’ll find it in our inventory. Every piece is carefully handcrafted in Southern California for an American-made piece you’ll be proud to wear.

Do you need a holster for a different gun than the Taurus PT111, PT140, or PT145? Search by gun to find the best fitting holster.