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NTAC16 · Premium Nylon Thigh Holster with Mag Pouch

$ 25.99

NTAC16 · Premium Nylon Thigh Holster with Mag Pouch

$ 25.99

$ 25.99


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TAC Style Holster | Nylon Drop Leg Holster

While concealed waistband holsters are by far the most popular, there are moments when you either can't or don't want to carry your fireman in that manner. When you need to use your belt for other gear, choose OUTBAGS USA and our simple, yet rugged nylon drop leg holster with mag pouch or ammo loops.


OUTBAGS USA's second version of our nylon tactical thigh holster has been upgraded with better materials/hardware and, like all our holsters, is proudly handcrafted in America. All parts required for assembly are included, along with detailed instructions.


The nylon drop leg holster is worn just above the knee. If you wear it too low below the knee, the holster will make your leg heavy and increase your draw distance. The leg straps, which fit a 15”-30” inch diameter thigh, are adjustable in size and position, and the buckles can face whichever direction is most suitable.

Drop leg holsters are also great for longer guns — especially longer revolvers. If these pistols were mounted to the waistband, it would be impossible for you to actually draw the weapon. The drop leg lowers the grip position and makes it easier to draw longer barrel guns.


Thigh holsters are great for situations in which you will be moving around a lot, like hiking or hunting. They are also useful if you’re wearing bulky gear, or want to use your belt for other accessories. With nothing pressing against your bare skin or digging into your kidneys, our nylon drop leg holster ensures you won't need to worry that your movement will be disrupted in any manner.

Try our sturdy and practical thigh holster today and contact us with any questions – we are here to offer any advice or support you may need!

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