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LMP - Leather Magazine Carrier & Accessory Pouch

$ 24.99 $ 19.99

LMP - Leather Magazine Carrier & Accessory Pouch

$ 19.99


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Reliable Holsters Wherever You Carry

OUTBAGS USA has the answer when you need a durable holster you can be confident in. We offer a variety of options for compact pistols by Smith & Wesson. Their M&P Shield 9, Shield 40, and Shield M2.0 handguns are known for packing a lot into a compact piece. With our American-made holsters, you’ll have the best way to carry these handy firearms wherever you go.



Practical Holsters at the Right Price

Our signature quality begins with the materials we use in the construction of every holster. Whether you want a rugged look for your S&W Shield M2.0 firearm with a leather holster or have something more modern in mind with nylon and kydex, we have you covered. Holsters for M&P Shield 40 and other firearms are designed to be slim, so you can wear them without adding extra bulk to your weapon.

Pieces are designed to be stylish without sacrificing quality or comfort. They also provide a semi-custom grip on your weapon with minimal wear on the gun’s finish for a piece you will be proud of.

Great Options for Open or Concealed Carry

Whether you need an M&P Shield 9 holster or something else, you’ll find a great fit in our inventory, regardless if you concealed or open carry. We offer traditional inside-the-waistband and outside-the-waistband options in our inventory plus ankle, shoulder, thigh, and other carrying options. No matter what style you prefer, you’ll find a well suited M&P Shield 40 holster.

Looking for a holster for a different gun other than the M&P Shield 9 or Shield 40? Search by gun to find the right fitting holster.