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NSH03 · Horizontal Shoulder Holster w/ Double Mag Pouch

$ 29.99 $ 25.99

NSH03 · Horizontal Shoulder Holster w/ Double Mag Pouch

$ 25.99

$ 25.99


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The last thing you need when trying to carry your weapon on a daily basis is lower back pain from the weight of your gun, or trying to draw from a seated position. OUTBAGS USA's nylon horizontal shoulder holster with double mag pouch fixes these inconveniences. Simple and sturdy, it’s a fantastic, no-frills option at a great price.


OUTBAGS USA prides itself on supporting American labor, and all of our holsters are handcrafted in California. These horizontal shoulder holsters are made from superior nylon with soft layering that protects your gun — a resilient holster to safeguard your firearm. This shoulder holster also has a straightforward thumb-break snap strap for quick and easy cross draw while securing your gun.


Our nylon SH style holster with double mag pouch is carried under the arm opposite of your draw hand. The position of the gun is more forward than vertical or 45-degree holsters, affording a natural grip for speedy draw. Because you can wear the holster over all or most layers, it will never be buried, unlike concealed holsters worn on the belt.


Besides the advantage of distributing the weight across your shoulders instead of your back, a horizontal shoulder holster allows you to lay your hand on your firearm more inconspicuously without startling anyone. Please note that our shoulder kits do require a belt to keep your firearm from moving around excessively.

Try our versatile and functional shoulder holster today and contact us with any questions, concerns, or requirements.