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NS01 · Nylon IWB Conceal Carry Holster

$ 10.99

$ 10.99


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Handgun owners looking for the perfect, no-frills way to carry will find a great solution at OUTBAGS USA. NS01 is a premium concealed carry holster for inside waistband carrying you can count on. It is handcrafted in Southern California and offers a high degree of comfort in many situations.


  • Belt clip (removable) - Fits up to 2" belt width
  • Ambidextrous - Belt clip can be moved to the other side
  • Inner lining - Minimizes wear on gun's finish (material will vary)
  • Clip adjustment necessary for Small of Back carry


The NS01 is made from premium nylon that offers durability to stand up to conditions whenever you carry. It also offers a semi-custom fit, firmly gripping pistols of similar shape and size. Search for similar models preselected for an ideal fit when you search by gun.


With the NS01 concealed carry holster for inside waistband carrying, you’ll have a slim, flexible holster that adds little bulk to your pistol. That makes it ideal for concealed carry. A removable belt clip also allows you to attach the holster to whichever side you prefer; giving you easy access and draw capability for IWB or small-of-back carry on either side.


Our holsters offer the reliability you need to carry with confidence. A great value for the cost, as well as free shipping and returns, make it an ideal beginner holster, or an excellent gift. Order now, or browse other concealed carry IWB holsters from OUTBAGS USA today.


 A: 4.5 inches B: 2.75 inches C: 4.25 inches* D: 2.25 inches*

 *Measurements off by 1/4" should not be an issueCOMPARE HHOLSTER MEASUREMENTS

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