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The LS3 - IWB Leather Holster

$ 25.99 $ 24.99

The LS3 - IWB Leather Holster

$ 24.99

$ 24.99


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High-Quality Holsters

Makarov P64 handguns are a compact and affordable defensive piece. If you rely on one of these firearms, you need a reliable way to carry it. OUTBAGS USA offers premium P64 holsters that stand out. These durable holsters are designed to last and provide great weapon accessibility without sacrificing comfort or quality. See our signature no-frills approach for yourself by picking one up today.



Holsters You’ll Be Proud to Wear

OUTBAGS USA offers durable Polish P64 holsters that last longer. This is thanks to the premium craftsmanship and top-quality materials used in their construction. We utilize dependable materials including leather and nylon for American-made pieces that gun owners are proud to wear. When you browse our inventory you’ll find plenty of style options to perfectly match your pistol.

Thanks to a softer inner lining, our nylon holsters cradle your weapon while minimizing the wear on its finish. No matter which style you prefer, you’ll get a comfortable piece that keeps your handgun firmly in place.

Comfortable Holsters in Great Styles

At OUTBAGS USA, you’ll be able to outfit your Makarov with a stylish holster regardless of how you carry. Our inside-the-waistband holsters are ultra slim, making them ideal for concealed carrying. If you are looking for something with a more tactical approach, our outside-the-waistband P64 holsters are the perfect fit. Every holster is designed to offer a semi-custom grip that keeps your weapon from shifting or digging into you and becoming uncomfortable.

Need a piece for something other than the Makarov P64? Search by gun to find the right fitting holster.