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NANK01 · Nylon Ankle Holster

$ 21.99

NANK01 · Nylon Ankle Holster

$ 21.99

$ 21.99


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For any style of carry you prefer, OUTBAGS USA has an option to fit. We offer a great selection of inside-the-waistband, outside-the-waistband, and other choices with our selection of Davis holsters. They are affordable, no-frills holsters that help you to carry with confidence.


  • P32

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Proudly made in Southern California, our holsters utilize the best materials available for a durable product. Featuring premium nylon in their design, our Davis holsters are comfortable to carry and can be your holster of choice for a long time.


The P32 holsters in our inventory can be adjusted for either right or left-hand draw – or even ankle carrying. With a slim design that adds little bulk to your pistol, they are a comfortable conceal carry option - important for a highly concealable gun like the P32.


Davis holsters from OUTBAGS USA are by no means generic. Select the right one to provide a semi-custom fit for a secure hold on your weapon at all times. They also include additional features – such as a soft inner lining that minimizes damage to a handgun’s finish.

If you own a Davis P32 pistol, let us provide you with your new favorite way to carry. Learn more about the OUTBAGS USA difference and how our affordable holsters can provide you with the best way to conceal carry your go-to pistol.