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NCT29 · Nylon IWB Holster with Comfort Tab

$ 15.99

$ 15.99


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OUTBAGS USA is your source for high-quality holsters. You’ll find no-frills options that offer secure inside-the-waistband carrying in every situation. No matter what your handgun of choice is, our soft holsters like the NCT29 are a comfortable solution at an affordable price.


  • Proudly made in Southern California, USA
  • Made from premium nylon
  • Features the innovative ULTICLIP™ system - mounts to waistband behind the belt (not the belt itself)
  • Adjustable cant/tilt
  • Shirt tuckable design
  • Comfort tab (also known as sweat guard or comfort shield)
  • Soft inner lining to protect gun's finish - material will vary


Each soft nylon holster from OUTBAGS USA utilizes top-of-the-line materials. You’ll find superior durability and comfort from our holsters that provide a great carry option for various situations. Along with being comfortable to wear, holsters provide a semi-custom fit to firmly grip pistols; for a secure hold you can be confident in.


No matter which draw hand you prefer, the NCT29 is a good fit. Simply select your preferred handling. It is easy to carry as a concealed holster but still provides quick access to your handgun. It is a versatile soft holster that is ideal for handguns from multiple manufacturers. If you are looking for small of the back carry, make sure to get a holster of the opposite handing.


Our NCT29 holster is designed to last longer than other options. The built-in sweat guard protects the torso from rubbing against the torso, while the softer inner-lining minimizes wear on your weapon. If you want a holster that won’t let you down, shop by gun at OUTBAGS USA.


A: 7.0 inches

B: 3.75 inches

C: 6.0 inches*

D: 2.75 inches*

*Measurements off by 1/4" should not be an issue

undercover ankle holster

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