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NTAC16 · Premium Nylon Thigh Holster with Mag Pouch

$ 25.99

$ 25.99


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• Assembly required. Manual included.
• Adjustable leg straps with buckle release.
• Leg straps adjustable from 15"-30" in circumference.
• Thumb break strap.
• Mag pouch with velcro strap for magazine up to 6" in overall length.

Assembly required! All parts, tools, and instructions are included with each order. This is OUTBAGS USA's second version of their drop leg holster. The materials and hardware have been upgraded to deliver a better experience to the end user.

The double leg straps feature the much requested buckle release. Mounting and removing the kit from your leg is now easier to achieve. The leg straps are not only adjustable in size, but in position as well. You can position the buckles to face whichever way is most convenient/functional.

The thumb break snap strap remains and will keep you firearm secure while in use. The mag pouch (or ammo loops for revolvers) allows you to increase your carry capacity. The belt strap has been slimmed down for more convenience.


Want to confirm the fitting? Compare the measurements below:

 A: 6.75 inches B: 4.25 inches C: 7.0 inches* D: 3.0 inches*

 *Measurements off by 1/4" should not be an issueCOMPARE HHOLSTER MEASUREMENTS