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NCT16 · Nylon IWB Holster with Comfort Tab

$ 15.99

$ 15.99


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For a reliable no-frills holster, shop with OUTBAGS USA. Our holsters are great for conceal carry users and come in both outside-the-waistband and inside-the-waistband options. The NCT16 is just one of the great tuckable IWB holsters made from nylon that provide a top quality choice at an affordable price.


  • Proudly made in Southern California, USA
  • Made from premium nylon
  • Features the innovative ULTICLIP™ system - mounts to waistband behind the belt (not the belt itself)
  • Adjustable cant/tilt
  • Shirt tuckable design
  • Comfort tab (also known as sweat guard or comfort shield)
  • Soft inner lining to protect gun's finish - material will vary


Holsters from OUTBAGS USA are known for their durability. Each is proudly made in the USA and utilizes premium nylon for a tough conceal carry option. While these holsters utilize sturdy materials, they also feature a softer inner-lining. This safeguards your pistol’s finish and helps to protect it, minimizing wear and tear.


Regardless of which hand you prefer to draw with, the NCT16 is a great fit. It is designed to be a nylon tuckable IWB holster that is comfortable for both right and left-hand draw. You can securely wear it under your shirt with handguns from various manufacturers. This holster allows you to confidently carry in any situation without digging into you and becoming uncomfortable.

For small of back (6 o'clock) carry, please purchase the opposite handing. For example, to draw with the right hand from the small of back, please purchase the "Left Hand (IWB)" option.


Our tuckable IWB holsters made from nylon like the NCT16 include a built-in comfort tab. It was designed with long-term carrying in mind, providing a reliable grip on your pistol for a long time. Get a holster you can be confident in by shopping OUTBAGS USA today.


 A: 7.75 inches B: 4.25 inches C: 7.0 inches* D: 3.0 inches*

 *Measurements off by 1/4" should not be an issueHolster Measurement

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