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NANK02 · Nylon Ankle Holster

$ 21.99

$ 21.99


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When you need a high quality boot holster, OUTBAGS USA has the solution. We have quality options, including our NANK02 that blends style and comfort. Each of our no-frills holsters is designed and handcrafted in-house, so you know you are getting a quality item at an affordable price.


Our holsters are made of nylon and provide a semi-custom fit in over 21 sizes! While our holsters are designed to fit a variety of handguns that are similar shape and size, we have plenty of choices other ankle holster choices to ensure you find the one that best fits your weapon.


At OUTBAGS USA, we strive to offer the most comfortable boot holsters on the market. The NANK02 is just one example of the versatile options our holsters have. Choose the option that’s positioned towards your draw hand.

Also featured are adjustable straps for a secure and snug fit.


Let us help with your leg conceal carry needs. Our NANK02 provides a firm fit on your handgun so you can wear it with confidence. It also features an inner lining that will cradle your weapon and minimize scratching of its finish.


A: 5.75 inches B: 3.5 inches C: 5.75 inches* D: 2.5 inches*

*Measurements off by 1/4" should not be an issue


Contact us to order a simple, functional holster. We have a range of discounts – including those for military personnel – to get you the most affordable prices. Ask our customer service team about our offers today.