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NL31 · Nylon IWB & OWB Combo Holster

$ 12.99

NL31 · Nylon IWB & OWB Combo Holster

$ 12.99

$ 12.99


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Get the Most From Your Handgun

If you are looking for a small pistol with a lot of firepower, Beretta offers great choices with their Tomcat and Jetfire style of handguns. These compact holsters are great as a backup weapon and can easily be used in situations where concealed carrying is an absolute must.

To get the most out of these weapons, rely on OUTBAGS USA. We’ve created holsters for Beretta Tomcat and similar weapons that feature a slim design for easy carrying, making it both reliable and comfortable to wear.


Holsters That Offer Unmatched Durability

Utilizing premium nylon allows our holsters to have unmatched durability. Our holster for Beretta Tomcat pistols last longer than similar options and can withstand hours of wear without losing its grip on your weapon or becoming uncomfortable. That is because their lightweight construction allows you to carry it in most situations without any concern about your firearm digging into you or shifting too much with movement.

Be Confident in Your Holster

Experience the difference an OUTBAGS USA holster can make for your carrying needs today. We have great options ranging from inside-the-waistband and outside-the-waistband carrying to shoulder, ankle, and more. Each holster offers maximum weapon accessibility and is proudly made in Southern California for a handcrafted item you can always have confidence in.

Looking for something other than a Beretta M1934 holster? Search by gun to find the best fit for your weapon of choice in our extensive inventory today.