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NL31 · Nylon IWB & OWB Combo Holster

$ 12.99

NL31 · Nylon IWB & OWB Combo Holster

$ 12.99

$ 12.99


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Let OUTBAGS USA help you out with a no-frills holster you will be proud to wear. These are holsters made for AMT guns, or Arcadia Machine & Tool. Our American-made AMT Backup holsters are a great solution when you want something that will give your AMT handgun a secure grip. No matter what style of holster you prefer, you’ll find an affordable option with us.


Holsters from OUTBAGS USA are tougher and more durable than those manufactured elsewhere. That is because we utilize tough nylon and other materials that provide a firm grip on you weapon in every situation. They can stand up to conditions no matter how often you carry, yet are designed to be comfortable to wear.


Whether you prefer inside-the-waistband, outside-the-waistband, ankle, or shoulder carrying we have an AMT Backup holster that will work. Holsters are available in two options so you can get the one that best suits your draw hand preference: giving you maximum accessibility to your weapon.


With OUTBAGS USA, you can get a holster that is designed to provide a semi-custom fit for your weapon. That means you’ll always carry with confidence. Search by gun to find the right holster size for your weapon.

Holsters also have additional features – such as a soft inner-lining that minimizes wear on your weapon’s finish – to give you the perfect way to carry your handgun. Find out more about why OUTBAGS USA is your premium choice when it comes to quality holsters today.