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Using a Gun Holster for Under a Car Steering Wheel

When you rely on a personal firearm for protection, it needs to be available in order to be effective. That includes when you are driving. A firearm carried on your body isn’t as practical or accessible while you are behind the wheel, nor is it safe to leave a weapon on the seat next to you. To stay protected on the road, it’s best to find a way to carry your gun holster under the steering wheel. This is one of the best points of access for storing a firearm in a vehicle.

Keeping a firearm below the steering wheel can be an ideal carry solution with a lot of benefits. But it also comes with its own set of challenges. If you are looking to bring your weapon with you whenever you get behind the wheel, here are the most important factors to consider:

Learn What is & isn’t Legal

Just like with any other type of carrying, the first thing to do before buying a gun holster for under the steering wheel is determine what is considered legal and what isn’t in your area. Having a firearm in your vehicle at all may be prohibited, or you may be limited on where in your car you can place your weapon. There can also be restrictions on what type of guns you are allowed to have, as well as other factors – such as concealed or open carrying. Knowing the laws, and how best to respond to police officers should you get pulled over, is important to maintaining responsible gun ownership.

Secure Your Weapon for Safety

Once you know how to stay within the law, the most critical thing is identifying how to carry safely. Many gun owners want their firearm to be ready at a moment’s notice, which means you are going to have a round in the chamber. But keep in mind that not every handgun has a safety locking mechanism, and a loaded gun may be subject to additional regulations depending on the state you’re in.

Your choice of weapon can play into what type of gun holster is best under your steering wheel. Whether you attach it to the steering column or the center console, make sure to get a holster that firmly keeps your weapon in place. If the holster has even the slightest give, it can wiggle out of place from the movement of your vehicle or vibration of the engine. This can result in your weapon pointing in an unsafe direction toward you or passengers; which can have serious consequences if you hit a bump in the road that causes your weapon to accidentally discharge.

Test Out Different Types of Mounts

There are a lot of choices when it comes to gun holsters designed for under steering wheel carrying. You can go with a dedicated bracket that can be mounted to a steering column for a permanent solution that keeps everything locked in place. There are also magnetic mounts that can easily detach when you want to switch vehicles or take your handgun with you. Scabbards can also be easily attached to a console or under the steering wheel, depending on the style of handgun you are using.

Each has its own benefits and it helps to test out different options with your weapon of choice to find the one that best fits your carrying goals.

Under the Steering Wheel Offers Better Concealment

Proper concealment is another important factor to think about when getting a dedicated gun for your vehicle. The last thing you want is to have someone spot your firearm from a parking lot and swipe it when you run into the store. With a gun holster under your car’s steering wheel, you’ll be able to more easily keep your firearm out of sight from people passing by or potential attackers.

Remember, never keep your weapon concealed from law enforcement if you are pulled over. When an officer approaches, you should immediately disclose the fact that you have a gun in your vehicle, its location, and whether it is loaded or unloaded.

Always Aim for the Best Accessibility

Regardless of how you plan on carrying, you always need to keep weapon accessibility in mind. During a confrontation, you may only have only a split second to react. Any firearm in your vehicle needs to be in a spot that you can quickly draw it without having to fumble with seat belts or banging against the dashboard. Having a gun holster for under your car’s steering wheel can give you a way to easily remove the firearm right from the driver’s seat.

Whichever holster you choose, make sure you attach it in a single and consistent place you can comfortably draw from without worrying about the shifter or other components getting in your way. You also don’t want your handgun banging against your knee when trying to draw it. By testing out a few spots you can help you make sure you have the best placement to easily remove your weapon from its holster without it getting jammed.

Find the Best Fit for Your Goals

Ultimately the most important thing to keep in mind when deciding which gun holster to put under a steering wheel is there is no “catch-all” solution that works for everyone. Depending on the style of firearm you prefer and your vehicle’s setup, what works best for you may not always be the popular choice. As long as you can safely carry your weapon and easily access it, while following laws – including those that deal with concealment – in your area, you’ll be able to find a great option for your needs.

If you are still unsure what kind of gun holster works best for under a car’s steering wheel get in touch with the experts at OUTBAGS USA. We have the knowledge you need to find a great suggestion about what holsters you should consider.

June 03, 2019 by OUTBAGS USA
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