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How and Why to Carry Extra Magazines

No one can ever be 100% sure how much ammo they need. When relying on a firearm for protection, it’s critical you have what you need to make it through a dangerous situation. One area you can’t afford to overlook is having enough ammo.

Read on to learn about ammo basics, including magazine carriers and their importance. An important consideration when you’re choosing a gun and holster for personal protection.

Thoughts about Pocket Carrying

The simplest way to carry extra magazines is to stick them in your pocket. Because pistol magazines are relatively small, they easily fit into the pockets of most pants. After all, your standard magazine isn’t any bigger or heavier than a phone. However, an inherent problem with sticking a clip in your pocket is it has to be covered. The spring tension in a clip can easily dislodge a bullet. If one round dislodges, so can the next. The last thing you want is for bullets to be bouncing around your pocket instead of in the magazine, or to have fewer rounds than you thought and running out.

Why You Should have a Dedicated Ammo Holster

For most people, a dedicated magazine carrier is the way to go. Choosing which clip holster to use should be approached when you choose a holster for your weapon. When you want to conceal carry, an inside-the-waistband design that can easily tuck without being uncomfortable is ideal. For open carrying, something that offers good retention is important. There are also different styles to consider between nylon or leather magazine carriers. Concealing your magazine may be difficult, which is why improvised options which camouflage your ammo to keep it out of the hands of attackers are also available. It never hurts to try different options though before making a final decision.

Practice with Your Carrier

Like any other part of owning a firearm, it’s important to practice carrying a magazine carrier before relying on it. Practicing with your ammo clip as part of routine training can help in critical ways including making sure your carrier remains comfortable and doesn’t shift with movement. Also, practice ejecting spent clips from your firearm and reloading with a fresh clip. This ensures you can handle things quickly when seconds count.

Always Be Ready for Confrontations

When you carry for personal protection your weapon has limited effectiveness. If you run out of bullets before the threat is subdued then having a handgun isn’t going to help. The clip in your gun can also jam, causing issues that can’t be overcome in a confrontation. That is why you should always bring an extra magazine carrier wherever you bring your pistol.

Having the right amount of ammo can make all the difference. If you need to find the right magazine pouch the experts at OUTBAGS USA can help. Whether you want a classic leather magazine carrier or have a different style in mind, they offer the advice you need. Contact them today for practical tips about ammo carrying.

October 05, 2019 by OUTBAGS USA
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Why don’t you offer a horizontal magazine carrier? HMC’s are less obvious as they visually blend into the already visible belt line. The ones offered online are either poor quality or very expensive.





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