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Holster Carry Positions Infographic

Choosing the right firearm is important. And deciding how to carry it is just as important. A variety of concealed carry positions are available depending on how and where you plan on carrying. Here are some of the most popular gun positions for concealed carry.

Holster Carry Positions Infographics


Inside Waistband

Inside-the-waistband is one of the most common concealed carry positions. An IWB holster is slim enough to be tucked under your shirt for complete concealment. You can also place an IWB holster at your preferred position around your waistband for the best access.

Outside Waistband

Outside-the-waistband holsters are most typical of open carry. This holster style gives owners a way to firmly keep their weapon on their body, and easily access the firearm in tense situations. However, it is harder to conceal a firearm using an OWB holster unless you wear something baggy like a sweatshirt, so it doesn’t make for the best choice when discretion is a priority.


Shoulder carry uses a holster harness that suspends pistols between the arm and body, typically about level with the elbow. They are popular with law enforcement and government agents and make concealment easy when worn under a jacket. They provide the ability to quickly draw your weapon that other holster positions don’t necessarily offer. However, to be effective you have to place the weapon at the opposite of your draw hand and reach across the body, underneath your jacket. This can make it very apparent when you go to draw your weapon.

Drop Leg

Drop leg holsters are a popular concealed carry position, also known as thigh carry, and sometimes considered a tactical carry position. They are ideal for carrying guns with long barrels. Consider the lower draw position in comparison to hip-mounted holsters, where it may be more difficult for the gun to clear your waistline while drawing. Carrying long-barreled pistols in drop leg holsters makes for a quicker and more comfortable draw.

People also tend to prefer drop leg holsters when their attire doesn’t have pockets or a firm waistband to attach their holster to. Typically drop leg holsters are designed and intended for carrying smaller pistols.


With an ankle holster, your weapon is firmly attached to your ankle and lower calf. This style frees you up to wear different t-shirts; it means you’ll have to wear looser fitting pants for concealment. Ankle holsters aren’t always the best holster position for summer events. One of the top benefits of this carry style is it is less likely an attacker will be able to grab your weapon if you are ankle carrying, as well as it being convenient to draw your weapon if you get knocked down during a confrontation.

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August 16, 2019 by OUTBAGS USA
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Chris Wilkerson

Chris Wilkerson said:

I plan to carry my Glock 43 and with my vocation of outside sales, this information was helpful for deciding where to carry for me.


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