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Gun Holsters for Your Leg or Thigh

Finding a holster you can always be confident in can be tricky. Whether you are an experienced pro or new to carrying there are certainly a lot of options to navigate. Before you pick out your next holster, make sure to determine which style of carry you are looking for.

When it comes to reliable open carrying, drop leg / NTAC style holsters are the way to go. This is especially true for open carry during outdoor activities, such as hiking, hunting, and camping.

For more on what makes this style of holster stand out, then read on for the full breakdown:

What is a Drop Leg Style Holster

Drop gun holsters for legs are some of the best open-carrying options available. This style of holster, also known as a thigh gun holster, has gained a lot of popularity among gun enthusiasts in recent years. What sets them apart is the easy access to firearms they provide. Because the gun is kept right near where the hand hangs naturally, they’re great for tactical situations where you may need to draw your weapon on a moment’s notice.

Some gun owners also find they don’t restrict their movement quite as much and may be less likely to interfere with vehicle seat belts, for instance. Leg holsters may also leave more room for attachments like scopes.

How Drop Leg Holsters are Worn

Holsters are worn by fastening straps around the leg just above the knee. Multiple straps provide additional support for the weapon rather than the weapon being merely supported by the gun belt.

As an added bonus, since the holster does not take much space on your belt (beyond the belt strap), it frees up more space for other gear you may have, even other guns you want to carry.

Carrying a gun holster on the thigh has a few other advantages over other holsters worth mentioning. First, these holsters are easy to reach regardless of the wearer’s draw hand preference. With the weapon strapped to the thigh, the weight of the gun is in a more natural-feeling location as well. Gun owners who use a leg gun holster can move around more casually without worrying about the weapon becoming uncomfortable. This makes drop leg holsters ideal for people who have to be more mobile as the weapon is strapped securely to the thigh and won’t shift when running or otherwise moving around.

Modular Holster Kits

Some drop leg holsters, like the Calamity SQ1, are designed as modular holster kits to either be worn on the leg, or around the arm - with draw access at the torso. These types of holsters are ideal for guns that you might carry concealed one day, and in a tactical configuration the next.

Tactical Benefits of Leg Holsters

Remarkably easy access to your weapon is one of the obvious advantages of a NTAC style leg gun holster that has been mentioned. But since your weapon isn’t concealed with these style of holsters you don’t have to worry about clothing or other things getting in the way of drawing your weapon. Instead, you can just draw your weapon and take aim, which is ideal in tense situations where speed is a critical factor.

Owners who prefer longer barrel guns, such as revolvers, also find this style of holster to be advantageous. As this style of holster lowers the grip position, longer guns are much easier to draw without getting caught up in the waistband or becoming uncomfortable. Plus there’s much less of a risk of a weapon digging into you while wearing it with a tactical holster.

The Biggest Users of Tac Holsters

Because tac style leg gun holsters are an exposed way of carrying, they aren’t as commonly used by everyday gun owners. Their ability to keep weapons secure even when moving makes them ideal for police forces and military units, however. The orientation of these holsters for tactical use means the sidearm is easily accessible from nearly any position including standing, kneeling, prone, or even while in a vehicle.

While not the primary users of this style of holster, there is certainly a market for civilians who want to try thigh carrying. Drop leg holsters are a great solution for those who use their weapon for hunting in the woods or have to deal with rugged terrain while hiking. Not only does the holster’s design keep it secure, but the minimalist approach means less snagging on branches or other natural obstacles you may encounter.

Materials Used for Leg Holster Designs

Like other holster styles, there is variety when it comes to gun holsters for legs. The most popular varieties are made from durable nylon blends. Because drop leg holsters are used by more active gun owners, the use of these tough materials is preferred. This allows for countless hours of carrying without the materials fraying or being worn out. Not only is this ideal for ensuring your weapon remains secure, but also that it stays comfortable whenever you carry.

Try Out a Leg Holster for Your Needs

It’s important when choosing a gun holster for thigh carrying to find the best fit for your weapon. You also want to make sure the holster is comfortable to wear, but offers a secure fit so you can be confident your firearm is staying put no matter how active or in what situation you carry. Having easy access to your pistol so you can draw it quickly is also important. No matter what your carrying goals are, drop leg / NTAC style holsters are a fantastic solution.

Find a holster tactical holster you know will hit all of these marks by shopping with OUTBAGS USA. We offer a great selection of gun holsters for legs that are handcrafted from durable materials at affordable prices. There are a lot of great options we offer to meet your carrying needs. If you need help finding the right fit for your firearm, search by gun with us online, or contact our team today.

November 07, 2018 by Doug Drenkow
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