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Choosing a Gun Holster for Your Truck

Responsible gun ownership means having your firearm available for protection when you might be in danger. That includes when you are driving. Depending on your carry preference and the vehicle, having your gun handy can be awkward. Seatbelts push the sights into you or the steering column may get in the way of drawing.

Rather than settling for an uncomfortable situation, here are a few tips we suggest to help you find the best gun holster for truck and vehicle carrying.

Brush Up on Any Laws

Before you start carrying in your vehicle, it’s important to know all relevant laws. They will restrict the kinds of guns you can carry and how they may be carried. They may also vary significantly across State lines. Where you plan to travel may dictate where you can use larger holsters with weapons like revolvers or only use compact firearms.

If you are ever pulled over by police in a traffic stop, the first thing you should do is inform the officer of the weapons in your vehicle and present your license for carrying them.

Choose the Best Holster for Your Goals

Once you know what gun holsters for trucks are legally allowed, it’s important to consider the situations you will need your weapon. Sitting in your vehicle puts you in a vulnerable spot. The driver’s seat doesn’t give you full freedom of movement. 

When it comes to self-defense, it’s important to have quick access to your firearm.Using a smaller, concealed carry holster can keep your handgun close by at all times.

Consider Concealment in Your Vehicle

Speaking of concealed carry, where you put your gun in your vehicle can be a major deciding factor in which holster you use. Determine which style of firearm you are bringing so you know which holster best suits your needs. If you are bringing a compact pistol, a smaller holster allows you to easily tuck your weapon away, whether in a glove box or in a mounting under your dashboard.

Longer rifles and guns for sports shooting can be placed under the seat or even in the back seat while driving. No matter what kind of firearm you are using, keeping it concealed only keep situations calm but make sure your weapon isn’t stolen when you make a stop along the drive.

Put Safety First

Just as when you are choosing a holster for everyday carrying, the most important factor when selecting a car or truck gun holster is safety. Find a holster that firmly grips onto your weapon and keeps it in place. The last thing you want is for your pistol to accidentally go off when you hit a bump or pothole. Consider getting a holster that can easily be mounted on the steering column or another place inside the cabin of your truck that allows you easy access but won’t keep the weapon dangerously loose like if it was just lying on the seat.

If you have more questions about truck gun holsters or any other style of firearm carrying, get in touch with the experts at OUTBAGS USA. We can answer your questions and give you the best holster suggestions for your needs.

February 26, 2019 by OUTBAGS USA
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