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OUTBAGS USA PR1n and CT Nylon Holsters

The CT Nylon Holster featuring ULTICLIP™

The CT Nylon Holster by OUTBAGS USA
We decided to revisit our nylon IWB holsters. The S Style was our first, the CT's were built on top of that foundation. The CT Nylon holsters feature a comfort tab and an innovative waistband clip made by ULTICLIP™. The clip is cant and height adjustable. This new design allows for all the conventional IWB carry positions: appendix, strongside, small of back, and even cross draw. Try our new Search by Gun feature to see if we have a fit for your pistol!

The Calamity PR1n - Kydex-Leather-Neoprene Hybrid IWB Holster

Calamity PR1n Kydex-Leather-Neoprene Hybrid IWB Holster
You asked for it, we delivered. This is the standard Calamity PR1 but with a thinner leather backing and neoprene. All other premium features of the PR1 are preserved in the PR1n. For more information, please click here.